Saturday, August 10, 2019

Stakeholder Analysis Outline Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Stakeholder Analysis - Outline Example The promoter will be in charge of music, security and behind the scene work. Concert promoter will use the platform to market the and promote the music. The promoter will ensure the audience is entertained with the best musical performance. The organizing committee and the promoter will communicate through email.The audience will be assessed to discover the type of music that they like.The promoter will be informed of the type of music to play and the benefits.The promoter may utilize such an opportunity to sell music copies to the audience present.Concert investorAn investor utilizes the concert opportunity to make moneyThey may purchase the ticket and sell them to the audience at a slightly higher amount of moneyMacmillan cancer support is one of the investors that will utilize the event to receive donations from the audience and proceeds of the concert.The organizing committee will send an email to a number of investors and keep in touch with them by providing the necessary feedba cks for the event.An investor can work closely with the promoter to raise enough money for the event and share the profits accrued. The council Gives permission for hosting an event The council has to be informed of any event being organized in their area of authority.The organizers will inform the council through a letterThe event organizers may be forced to pay some money in cases where the council’s building is used to stage the event.

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