Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Personal life His life was a good one for the times, no money struggles or divorced parents. His father didn’t expect him to fallow in his footprints like most parents, but, he would have liked it. Instead his father wanted what was best for him. In turn he fallowed his dreams of acting, writing and producing plays. His childhood was hard working; he went to the king’s new grammar school. He also studied Latin and Greek which he incorporates in his plays. When he was 18, he was married to Anna Hathaway, aged 26. Their kids names were Susanna, Hamnet and Judith. Burbage’s influence on Shakespeare Both Shakespeare and Burbage were 20, interested in theater, both part of the lord’s chamberlain’s men and both seeking success. Burbage invented the actual name â€Å"theater† and paying at the doorway of the theater instead of in it. The Theater had to be taken down so they took it apart and set it back up on the bank side of London and named it the â€Å"Globe†. For the observers eye of Shakespeare’s plays in the Globe The performances would start at approximately 2 o clock in the after noon unless the flag was up, which meant that the weather was too bad to host the play. Part of the Globes roof was open and the rest was thatch making it easy for the weather to cancel performances. Its octagon, kind of circular shape and being 3 stories tall helped to create its name, the Globe. Up too 3000 people could fit in the Globe and payments went 1 penny for a ground view and 2 pennies for a gallery seat. The stage was a thrust stage with secret entrances and great performances until it burned down from a shot of clothe in a cannon that landed on the roof. The Globe was no longer a Theater. Life as an actor There are 10 key points to the life of an actor. 1. It was a long day 2. You had to repeat shows lots 3. Memorizing your lines 4. You had to be very skillful in portraying different personalities 5. Had to be entertaining for the audience

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