Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Explain what critical analysis is and use this to evaluate 2 theories Essay

Explain what critical analysis is and use this to evaluate 2 theories of Career Guidance - Essay Example Learners are well conversant with the appropriate time and contexts to ask and answer critical questions; while reading and analyzing texts. This essay shall apply the rules of critical analysis to analyze two theories of career guidance. One of the theories of career guidance is the congruence theory or the talent matching theory. According to Swanson and Fouad (2009), this theory emanates from traits of certain individuals and the factors that lead to their choice of certain careers. In short, certain traits that are innate influence decision making by these individuals towards career choice. From the work of Swanson and Fouad (2009), it is evident that congruent theory applies diagnosis and evaluation towards attaining the best decision in regard to career choice. In this process, the concerned parties are able to derive the best course of action towards decision making. In the quest to attain the best decision making in relation to career choice, the practitioner applies the use of questionnaires that allow the interviewee come to the best conclusion regarding career choice. The interviewee also has the choice of using psychometric tests that are directed towards making the best decisions in terms of career guidance. The developmental theory of career guidance works on the basis that, in order to make the best choices towards career guidance, it is mandatory that individuals view themselves in the future careers and what their roles ought to be in their careers. According to Hawthorn, Kidd, Killeen, Law and Watts (1996), this model argues that development is an incessant and irrevocable process. As people develop, they are likely to select an occupation and develop whilst in the job. Career counseling allows individuals develop awareness in their line of career development. Individuals are also given a chance to advance in their career development as well as motivated towards getting better in making choices that relate to their careers. Career

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