Monday, September 23, 2019

Personal Philosophy of higher education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Personal Philosophy of higher education - Essay Example In particular, learning is an evolutionary process that enables the humans to survive naturally under this phenomenon, and individuals lacking in such natural skill are dead. On the other hand, education is a wider concept existing in contrast with the phenomenon of learning, as it includes different aspects that are absent in learning, such as teaching, knowledge, discipline, and procedural proficiency (Daniels, 1996). In other words, education involves intellectual, ethical, and artistic development of individuals, and thus is a process of creating hierarchy among people, families, societies based on certain principles. In this regard, it is very imperative that educators and scholars should put some efforts to distinguish the two different notions that might enable them to improve and enhance the effectiveness of current higher education system. Besides, in the past, higher education system had no requirement of global perspective; however, it is an understanding that after huge advancements in the field of science and information technology, it has now become essential to include a global perspective in the philosophy of higher education. In addition, until today, higher education institutions, particular universities are still enjoying the status of stable bodies, although there might be an alteration in their forms, however, higher education institutions will always enjoy their importance and demand in the human society. One of the reasons of such significance will be their crucial role in providing extensive interpretation of a number of things that do not make sense in the world. However, as the world is changing its form, the term stable itself has become unstable, and constancy is now becoming a short-term phenomenon. In the result, there has been a constant alteration in personal philosophy of higher education since the day one until today that is something very constructive, and it is an understanding that this process of change

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